Consider the many benefits of using our placement service:

1) Your modeled merchandise will be mailed to you directly, by us, wherever you live.

2) Most of our customers will be giving you free merchandise, in exchange for pictures.  We instruct them to send a minimum of $50 worth of free items per shoot.  If they happen to need their merchandise returned after the shoot, you will be paid on the following scale:  1 outfit-$50, 2 outfits-$100, 3 outfits-$150, 4 outfits-$200, 5 outfits-$250.

3) The customer will specify whether they would like indoor or outdoor photography. 

4) You email the images to us when you are finished with your shoot and we forward them onto the customer.  

5) Safe and fun environment, spending time with your child.  Our customers mail your merchandise to us and since we serve as the middle man, we take care of forwarding it onto you, at your post office box.  Your last name and address remain secure and all communication and pictures are transmitted to the customer by us.  At no time, ever, is there communication between our customers and you. 

Cost is $99 per year for a model listing, payable only upon approved registration.  In order to be approved for a listing, you need to submit 3-5 high quality images to us via email and we will create your child's comp card upon approval.  If the photo quality is not approved the first time, you are welcome to resubmit.  The photo quality of the shots submitted should be representative of the parent's natural picture taking ability but please keep in mind that all customers will be requiring high quality shots.  We do not mind if a parent chooses to use a third party photographer to take high quality pictures just as long as they understand that that expense is theirs and not ours.  Please submit only natural shots, and, please no makeup. 
All registered models will be organized by the size category the child is currently wearing (Infant Division (3mo,6mo,12mo,18mo,24mo), Toddler Division (2T,3T,4T), Kids Division (4,5,6,7) or Tween Division (8,10,12,14,16).

To submit your child's picture for consideration, please email 3-5 high quality images to  and you will be notified within 48 hours if your child's pictures are approved.  Please keep in mind that 60% of entrants are usually rejected on the first go around solely due to picture quality.  You are welcome to resubmit, however.  Upon approval, you will receive our placement guidelines which are required for you to follow.  At that time, payment of $99 will be due which is our yearly listing fee, and we will create your child's modeling comp card for posting under the registered models section of this website.  Your child's comp card will be shown for an entire year and after that time, you can choose whether you would like to continue with the service or not.

To clarify, this is a modeling placement service.  Given the connections that Baby Gassy Gooma has in the boutique industry, we will promote this site to other manufacturers, custom designers, accessory designers, retail website owners, and childrens related businesses who may be looking for new models for their brands.  The main goal of this service is to help you find modeling work for your child by bridging the gap between the models and the designers who are searching for new faces.  Additionally, in the future, when Baby Gassy Gooma has openings for new models, they will more than likely be chosen from the registered models on this site, due to time constraints. 

While this service cannot 100% guarantee your child will receive work (as each customer has different requirements), it will 100% guarantee exposure, and it will be promoted as a sourcing vehicle for those manufacturers, designers, or website owners who might be looking for models for their respective brands and/or companies.